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Amity Insurance Newsletter – October 1, 2010

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The Cost and Removal of Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is evidenced every day, but few employers truly understand the secondary ramifications that stress can cause in the workplace. Four out of five American workers are thought to be affected by workplace stress, which is costing U.S. businesses about $300 billion each year from stress related: absenteeism, employee turnover, medical, insurance premiums, workers' compensation, lawsuits, and diminished productivity. Continue Reading

When Good Employees Go Bad: Why You Need Employee Dishonesty Insurance

An employee in a high school's finance department steals $279,000 to support her gambling habit and cover her mortgage payments. A bank employee in Pennsylvania allegedly embezzles $750,000. The former CEO of a Colorado insurance brokerage pleads guilty to stealing $353,400 from the brokerage's employee benefits plan. The office manager of a Texas law firm gets four years in prison for forging checks and depositing client payments in her personal bank account. Continue Reading

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance

It is very difficult to evaluate what health insurance plan is the best fit for you if you don't have a basic knowledge of insurance industry lingo and terminology. An insurance provider can describe the various insurance plans ad nauseam, but unless you understand the technical terms, you are not likely to be any wiser by the end. The following are some of the most commonly used and important health insurance terms:Continue Reading

Paying Too Much for Auto Insurance?

You may have heard talk about reverse mortgages, but what are they and could one be right for you? A reverse mortgage, also known as a home equity conversion, is a loan against the value of your home. Instead of getting a loan to help you pay for your home, a reverse mortgage pays you based on the value of your home and other factors. Continue Reading