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Amity Insurance Newsletter – May 2, 2011

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Four Rules of Thumb to Follow When Purchasing an Auto Insurance Policy
There probably aren't very many, if any, drivers that look forward to buying auto insurance. If you're like most people, you feel that you have an overwhelming task when it comes to sifting through dozens of companies and agents to find the ideal insurer for your vehicle and unique financial situation. The process can leave you feeling unrewarded and irritated as you think about writing a check for a policy that you hope you'll never need to use....More>>

Keeping Your Identity Safe From Internet and Telephone Scams
What would you say the fastest growing crime in the United States is today? If identity theft came to mind, then you're exactly right. Statistics by the Federal Trade Commission show that over 20% of all identity theft cases involve the internet and telecommunications. While you might think identify theft scams are easy to spot and avoid, the criminals behind such scams devote themselves to putting together emails, phone calls, and websites that appear enticingly legitimate....More>>

Plan Now for the Disaster That Will Hit Your Business
Disaster can strike a business in a multitude of ways. Businesses located near the coast from Texas to Maine are highly susceptible to hurricane damage. Fires and explosions can devastate buildings regardless of where they're located. A building need not be the target of a terrorist attack to feel its effects, as many business owners discovered after the September 11 attacks. After a catastrophic event, evaluating the damage to the facilities quickly and accurately is essential for both insurance recovery purposes and for getting back into operation as soon as possible....More>>

Four Solutions to Medical Bill Problems
There’s just something a little scary about receiving a medical bill or a letter from your insurance company claiming you owe money. These tiny sheets of paper have the power to send many of us into full-on panic mode ...More>>