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Amity Insurance Newsletter – May 18, 2011

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Protect Yourself from the Risks of Yard Sales
With the arrival of warm, balmy weather, yard sales begin to pop up everywhere. While a yard sale may transform your spring cleaning chores into a profitable day of getting rid of unwanted items, it can also create a setting for a legal nightmare. For example, you're legally liable if someone at the yard sale slips, trips, or falls and injures themselves. Such scenarios are exactly why you must know what your homeowner's insurance covers before you take on the responsibility of inviting yard sale-goers onto your property...More>>

Five Common Mistakes Made When Preparing for Retirement
In relation to retirement, not having a retirement plan is one of the most detrimental mistakes a person can make and is often the root of retirement difficulties and regrets. However, even those that have a retirement plan may be making some very basic and common mistakes when retirement planning. This is why many individuals are opting to work with professional financial advisors to address any concerns about their existing retirement planning decisions and ensure the most comfortable retirement possible...More>>

Get Your Ducks in a Row Before, During, and After a Premium Audit
It might be hard to fathom any type of audit being beneficial, but premium audits are actually just as important to you as they are to your insurance carrier. When you were first issued your policy, the carrier looked at the estimated sales figures or payroll data that you provided to them. They calculated your premiums based on this information. Now that you have real numbers under your belt and an actual experience, the information can be reassessed to determine the correct premium amount...More>>

HR with Tightened Purse Strings Can Still Meet the Challenge of Keeping Employees Happy
Between the elevated food, transportation, and energy prices; plunging home values; and volatility surrounding the investment market, consumer attitudes have been shaken to their core. Businesses of all trades are feeling the pinch as the consumer's belt is forced to steadily tighten...More>>