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Amity Insurance Newsletter – March 7, 2012

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Featured Articles

How to Protect a Vacant Home
When the summer season approaches, many families and couples start planning their vacations. Whether the destination is near or far, it is important to make sure the home is properly protected. Locking the door and setting the alarm is not enough. The following five tips provide useful information for making a vacant home look less attractive to criminals.... More>>

Improving Road Safety with a GPS
There is plenty of controversy about how safe GPS devices are. Whether they increase or decrease safety depends on the driver. However, when used correctly, a GPS can be a great safety addition to any vehicle. The following reasons show good examples of why drivers are safer with a GPS system....More>>

Why Your Company Needs Business Interruption Insurance
Most contractors carry general liability insurance policies. However, very few understand the need for additional comprehensive errors and omissions coverage. To protect themselves from the costly results of unintentional work errors, contractors must have E&O insurance. There are several important issues to consider about this type of coverage...More>>

Why Every Contractor Should Require Workers' Comp Insurance
Automobile insurance covers the owner of the car, the driver of the car, and/or an insured driving a temporary vehicle. If the company owns the vehicle, the company needs to provide liability coverage for its risk of operating the vehicle on the road....More>>