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Amity Insurance Newsletter – March 15, 2013

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Why Bundling Benefits Customers & Insurers
Following the worst CAT in the history of the United States, the homeowners insurance industry is heavily focusing on property lines. In the past few years, premiums have spiked almost 20 percent. Many professionals are predicting a time of policy churning ahead. However, customers can benefit from bundling their policies by saving money, and insurers can benefit from offering this option by enjoying better customer retention rates. Insurance companies must understand customers' attitudes toward bundling coverage compared with their attitudes toward competitors' options...More>>

Rasmussen Reports Survey Shows Voters Still Favor Individual Health Insurance Choices
When it comes to President Obamam's new law regarding health care, voters still remain divided over their support and opposition toward it. However, they still lean very heavily toward the idea of individual choice for coverage options. According to a report published by, a telephone survey they conducted showed that more than 45 percent of American voters look favorably upon the health care law. However, nearly 50 percent were not in favor. From these statistics, about 20 percent of those who favored the law were very enthusiastic. Of the 50 percent who did not favor it, 35 percent were strongly opposed. In addition to remaining divided over favoring the law, voters are divided over insurance requirements mandated by the government...More>>

Directors and Officers Insurance Claims
It's a fact of life, these days: People who are in senior management positions or who have seats on boards of directors are common targets for lawsuits...More>>

What Does Course of Construction Cover?
When buildings are under construction, they face the same risks completed buildings face. Buildings that are not yet finished face the dangers of vandalism, fire, winds, storms and a variety of other incidents that may result in significant losses. To pay for such losses, cost of construction insurance is available. Most forms provide lists of various incidents that are covered. However, some insurers offer all-risk coverage, which means that the coverage pays for all losses, except for exclusions listed on the policy. Liability coverage is usually not part of a course of construction policy, this should be secured through a separate policy. The policy basically covers the building property, including material that may have yet to be attached to the building. In addition, the policy covers:..More>>