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Amity Insurance Newsletter – July 16, 2013

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What Every Homeowner Should Know to Stay Covered During Hurricane Season
Americans are well aware of the impact major storms have on properties. When hurricane season approaches each year, people in areas where these storms hit the hardest should review their insurance policies to make sure they are covered and all of their information is current. Those who are not properly protected should buy coverage before it is too late...More>>

Losing Everything Due to Inadequate Auto Liability Coverage
While there are minimum legal requirements for auto coverage, this minimal coverage may not get you off the hook in many cases should you actually be involved in an accident. The state's goal is to make the required insurance affordable, but in many cases this results in minimum coverage that is not adequate for most people to drive on the road and meet their true financial obligations. Even limits that are several tiers above the minimum may not be adequate for some drivers, because once those limits are exhausted, any remaining damages must be paid out of pocket...More>>

What Employers Everywhere Need to Know About the New Form I-9
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released a revised version of the I-9 form for general use. Every employer must complete a Form I-9 when they hire new employees. Some recent improvements to the form include a reformatted structure to minimize errors, clearer instructions and new fields. Some of the new fields include spaces for email addresses and employees' foreign passport information...More>>

Delay of the PPACA Employer Mandate Buys Businesses More Time to Complete Requirements
A much needed respite or an unnecessary delay? Regardless of how the White House or business owners see it, the postponement of the "employer mandate" will certainly have a big impact on many employees nationwide - or more specifically, about 50 million Americans...More>>