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Amity Insurance Newsletter – January 18, 2011

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Four Steps To Help You Ensure Your Most Valuable Items Are Covered On Your Homeowner's Insurance
What do holidays, special occasions, and inheritances often have in common? If you guessed the acquisition of a new possession, then you'd be right. While excited about your new big-screen, appliance, jewelry, antique, art, or other valuable item, you need to be mindful that acquiring such also increases the monetary value of your home contents. Your homeowner's insurance should be updated to adjust for additions that add significant value. Here are four steps that can help you ensure your most valuable items are covered...More>>

How Uninsured Drivers Affect Responsible Drivers
Most Americans are surprised to learn that, nationally, approximately 1 in 6 drivers on the road are uninsured. This information comes from a recent study by the Insurance Research Council. The study further shows that in some states, as many as one in three drivers are uninsured or underinsured, and that there is a solid correlation between unemployment and lack of insurance. Furthermore, statistics show that nearly one out of every two accidents involves an uninsured or inadequately insured driver...More>>

Many Employees Remain Unaware Of Lower-Costing Alternatives To Their Existing Medications
An August 2010 survey sponsored by UnitedHealthcare found that most Americans are concerned with their medication costs, but admit that they don't know how much new prescriptions cost them or if there's a less expensive option available to them...More>>

Should a Project Owner Accept a Contractor's Builders Risk Insurance Policy?
While a construction project is underway, who should be responsible for the property insurance on it -- the project owner or the general contractor? Often, the contract puts this responsibility on the owner. However, some courts have decided that the contractor actually bears the risk of damage to the property before the owner accepts the completed project. The owner's policy may not cover some significant perils, such as flood and earth movement, leaving the contractor uninsured for losses they cause. It therefore makes sense for the contractor to obtain builders risk insurance with the broadest coverage possible...More>>