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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Jan 16, 2012

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Homeowners Policies & Jewelry
After receiving valuable jewelry, it's important to contact an insurance agent immediately. It's important to keep in mind that most homeowners policies place limitations on coverage for personal valuable items. This means that owners of these valuable items may not receive the full value if any of the items are stolen or lost. As a general rule, most homeowners policies provide coverage for possessions up to 50 percent of the total coverage amount chosen. This means that a person who has a $600,000 policy would enjoy coverage as much as $300,000... ...More>>

Don't Forget to Update Insurance Policies when Moving
Anyone that has ever moved can attest that the process has a considerable impact on everything from transportation to and from work to how and where free time is spent. When considering a move, one change that's often overlooked is insurance coverage. Often a move will affect whether or not various insurance coverage policies are still adequate...More>>

Reduce Premiums? Reduce Risk & Loss Control Strategies
Business owners know an injury to an employee or severe property damage destroys productivity; so all losses should be avoided or reduced. So why do insurance loss control representatives' visits and the ensuing safety recommendations bother business owners so frequently? Is it the nuisance that any disruptive visitor might be? Is it the money to implement loss control strategies?... More>>

Stopping 401(k) Plan Leakage
When 401(k) participants begin taking loans, cash outs and withdrawals from their plans, their retirement security is damaged or depleted. The Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association reported this in August 2011 in a report titled "Leakage and the Impact on Retirement." This plan leakage lowers the likelihood that participants with low wages will be able to replenish their retirement incomes after 31 to 40 years of plan eligibility. In definition, successful income replacement is placing 80% of income in retirement while taking Social Security into consideration...More>>