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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Feb 28, 2013

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How Insurers Deal With Natural Disasters and Insurance Claims
Prior to Hurricane Sandy's arrival, property and casualty insurers had plenty of capital. In response to the devastation left behind by the hurricane, these insurers distributed considerable amounts of money to affected families and individuals. However, research shows that the increase in severity of weather-related disasters in the past few years has given American insurers cause for concern...More>>

Should Your Collision Coverage be Dropped?
If you are like most new car owners, then you probably paid the extra money to include the protection offered by collision coverage in your insurance policy. However, as your vehicle has now begun to age and depreciate, you've likely started to ponder if and when you should drop the pricey collision coverage that's running up your insurance bill...More>>

Understanding Premium Audits and Why Compliance Is Important
The whole idea behind insurance is protection. When you buy property insurance for a building, the goal is to have enough coverage so that your insurance claim will put you in roughly the same economic position you were - or as close to it as possible - before disaster struck...More>>

Misclassification of Employees is Payroll Fraud. Here's How To Stay Out of Trouble
Many commercial insurance policies are subject to an audit since the policy premium is based upon total revenue, payroll or some other criteria that the insurer sets as a basis for pricing. Insurance companies want to collect the appropriate amount of premium for the risks, and that is why these policies are based upon quantitative measures of your business. A business that has higher numbers has a much greater risk valuation for losses, while another one with less volume in turn has a lower risk valuation...More>>