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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Feb 16, 2012

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Understanding Tree Damage & Your Homeowners Insurance
When a tree falls on a house, the first thing most homeowners wonder is whether their insurance will cover the damage. Fortunately, they do, and the coverage inclusions are clear. If a tree falls on a home or other insured property structure, a homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for the structure itself and the items inside of it. This type of coverage includes trees that fall due to hail, lightning or wind.... More>>

Are You Prepared for a Sewer Backup?
While many homeowners assume otherwise, their insurance policies do not cover a sewer backup. However, there is separate coverage available. In comparison with the cost of dealing with the aftermath of a sewer backup, coverage is a true bargain. Homeowners are responsible for repairing and maintaining the portion of pipeline that connects their home with their city's sanitary sewer main. Since this pipeline is actually owned by the homeowner, any parts of it that extend into the public right of way or street are also included. Working on these pipes is a costly chore, so it is important for all homeowners to know how sewer backups are caused. The following three types of blockages are the most common causes of backups...More>>

Why Your Company Needs Business Interruption Insurance
For most companies, business interruption insurance may be as important for survival as fire coverage. It is difficult to find a business that did not obtain insurance for windstorm and fire damage. However, too many business owners do not consider how they would continue functioning if a windstorm or fire actually did damage their property. This is especially true with small business owners. Business interruption insurance is not sold independently. It is an additional type of coverage for a property insurance policy. In some cases, it may be included in a package policy for business owners...More>>

Why Every Contractor Should Require Workers' Comp Insurance
Good risk management plans allow workers' compensation coverage for any hired subcontractors. Since subcontractors are not able to hide behind statutes for contracts, workers' compensation coverage may be required whether there are statutory provisions or not...More>>