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Amity Insurance Newsletter – December 7, 2009

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Prosperity May Be Closer Than You Think

Why is it that over time, the rich seem to get richer? Some people believe that wealthy and successful people actually attract prosperity because they are open to it and believe it will be theirs. If that’s the case, how can we all become positive thinkers regarding attracting and receiving prosperity? Wouldn’t everyone like to have more financial freedom? Continue Reading

Parents, Tell Your Kids: Stop Texting and Drive

 In the summer of 2009, a shocking video posted on the Internet gained widespread attention from the media. Viewers found it so upsetting that YouTube restricted access to it on its Web site. Created by the police department of a small town in Wales, it depicted a fictional but horrific car accident that claimed the lives of four people and seriously injured the driver who caused it. The culprit: A teenage girl who was sending a text message from her cell phone while driving. Continue Reading

Seven Ways Your Business Can Prevent Cybercrime

Legendary bank robber Willie Sutton supposedly said that he robbed banks because that was where the money was. Many small business owners follow this logic when it comes to computer system security. They believe that people who rob with a mouse and a keyboard rather than a gun target large corporations, because those businesses have the most money. This leads them to the misguided belief that cybercriminals will not bother them. In fact, the NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association – reports that Eastern European criminal syndicates have targeted small businesses precisely because they have allowed themselves to become easy marks. Continue Reading

Effective Communications Increase Employees’ Appreciation of and Satisfaction with Benefits

Common sense tells us that understanding a situation can enable us to take charge and make informed decisions, which in turn increases the likelihood that we will be satisfied with the results. This wisdom applies to employees and their benefits: Employees who are well-informed about the details of their benefits offerings are more apt to choose the benefits appropriate for them—those they most need and actually use—and thus be happier and more satisfied with their benefits packages. Survey results verify this, providing added motivation to employers to beef up their employee benefit plan communications. Continue Reading