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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Dec 4, 2012

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Common Insurance Questions Following a Hurricane
Following the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy, many insurance companies gathered claims adjusters from all over the United States to help with damage claims. After such an incident, it is important to discuss damages with an agent immediately. As residents were left to face extensive damages, they had many questions. The following paragraphs address some common questions following a hurricane...More>>

Why it is Important to Make Sure a Car Does Not Have Previous Flood Damage
Following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, people across the country saw images of cars sitting in flood waters on their televisions. When people witness such disasters, one of the last things they may be thinking about is where these cars go after the flood waters recede. Some hurricanes in history have left over 100,000 cars totaled in just the span of a few days. In many cases, these vehicles are totaled by insurance companies and then sold at auction. Law-abiding auction attendees usually buy the vehicles to use for spare parts, but there are some people who buy damaged vehicles to resell in a dishonest manner...More>>

How to Prevent Emergency Generators from Becoming a Danger
Having a reliable backup generator can be invaluable during a power outage. From powering a refrigerator, the lights, or heating or cooling during an emergency power outage, an emergency generator can be a real asset and provide many of the essentials that your family would otherwise be without during an outage. That said, generators shouldn't be used haphazardly. If safety regulations aren't followed, a generator can become more of a danger than an asset...More>>

What Does Course of Construction Cover?
When buildings are under construction, they face the same risks completed buildings face. Buildings that are not yet finished face the dangers of vandalism, fire, winds, storms and a variety of other incidents that may result in significant losses. To pay for such losses, cost of construction insurance is available. Most forms provide lists of various incidents that are covered. However, some insurers offer this protection on the basis that all risks are covered, which means that the coverage pays for all losses. If there are exceptions, they will be listed in the policy...More>>