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Amity Insurance Newsletter – December 2, 2010

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Take Steps to Winterize Your Home Now
When preparing for winter's arrival, most people immediately think of snow tires and protection from wet and icy roads. But what about your home? Although you may take great care in winterizing your car with snow-tires, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, flashlights and blankets, what kind of prevention have you taken regarding your house? If your home is not properly winterized, it can easily become a source of both property and liability claims. Take steps to bring your home up to par before the first snowflake falls... More>>

Beware of the Scam of Fake Auto Accidents
Many think of fraud as a non-violent type of crime. In reality, vehicle insurance scams, including the staged traffic accident, are far from non-violent. Aside from costing honest consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars in added insurance premiums, this steadily growing form of fraud has resulted in countless injuries and deaths to the innocent victims of the scams. In fact, data from the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) shows that staged traffic accidents have rapidly become a leading source of insurance fraud across the U.S…More>>

Meaningful Financial Advice from Real Millionaires
To some, the word "millionaire" conjures up images of that guy from the board game holding bags of money, but in reality, the millionaires of America are simply determined, hard working individuals…More>>

Protect Your Officers with Drive Other Car Coverage
Mary is a junior partner in a law firm and drives a car that the firm owns and insures. She is unmarried and her children are not old enough to drive, so she does not carry a personal auto insurance policy. The firm's auto insurance covers her as a partner and she doesn't own another car, so she sees no need to have her own policy. Most of the time, this is not a problem. However, spring break comes and she takes her kids to DisneyWorld…More>>