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Amity Insurance Newsletter – April 3, 2012

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Why Wealthy Families Need More Insurance
Although many people assume America's wealthiest families have nothing to worry about, they do have to worry about being targets of significant liability lawsuits. The high unemployment rates and unsteady economy have contributed greatly to these realistic fears. Unfortunately, many wealthy families do not have ample protection against such lawsuits. They also underestimate the cost of potential damages and how affordable protection is in comparison with those damages.

Making your Smart Phone "Insurance Smart"
You have the phone and the capabilities that come with it. Using the phone to manage all of your insurance affairs is not only smart, it will put you ahead of the game if you need to access your insurance information or if you end up having a claim. There is no better place than having all the information and tools on your smart phone because it is likely with you at all times. The best news is, the resources are there and putting in place what you need is a snap...More>>

Benefits Of Requiring Additional Insured Coverage Of Subcontractors
There are several ways for contractors and subcontractors to allocate the risks of damage on job sites to subcontractors. Constructing a contract that requires subcontractors obtain insurance is one of the best risk management strategies. The subcontractor's coverage should also include the contractor or higher subcontractor as an insured party. With this option, contractors have the same rights as policy holders under commercial general liability policies. Both the hiring contractor and the party purchasing the policy have the same rights and coverage provisions. By requiring this coverage for subcontractors, general contractors are able to prevent paying for the expensive legal fees arising from damages on a job site...More>>

Why Background Checks Are Essential for All Employers
With more jobs becoming available today, there is a major problem presenting itself for employers. Employees who are applying for jobs are lying about important aspects of their lives. In most cases, the truth may be a disqualifying factor. To avoid the hassle of hiring an unfit employee, it's important to conduct a background check...More>>