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Amity Insurance Newsletter – April 28, 2013

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Featured Articles

How Reckless Driving Affects Insurance & How to Get a Better Premium
Inattention, driving under the influence of alcohol and excessive speeding are all reckless behaviors that have bad outcomes. Such drivers ultimately cause accidents, which may end the lives of innocent people...More>>

What Every Consumer Should Know About Insurance Fraud
Experts say that repair people who offer to pay insurance deductibles with the intention of enticing consumers to sign contracts for damaged homes and cars open the door to fraud. In addition to this, the practice makes insurance premiums rise...More>>

What are Loss Runs, and How Do These Reports Affect You?
From time to time, you'll be asked to provide a loss-run report, either on a new insurance application or on a renewal. What exactly are loss runs, and why do insurance companies request them? What follows is an explanation of everything you need to know about loss runs and how they affect your application or policy renewal...More>>

Seeing the Benefits of Directors and Officers Insurance
Directors and officers liability insurance is designed to protect corporate professionals when lawsuits are filed in response to wrongful acts they commit. Such acts include errors, omissions, misleading statements, misstatements, breach of duty and neglect. The officers, directors or corporation itself are the beneficiaries...More>>