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Amity Insurance Newsletter – April 27, 2010

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Teens Drinking At Parties = Insurance Issues
Every spring brings with it the prom and graduation party seasons. Unfortunately, these events often become occasions for teens to drink alcohol. Teens at unsupervised parties risk harming themselves and others when they drink. Parents who host these parties may bear responsibility for what happens there and for injuries or damages occurring after the guests leave….more »

Bloggers Should Ensure Liability Coverage Is Up to Par
Over the past several years, millions of people have begun writing weblogs (or “blogs,” as they are more commonly known.) There are as many reasons for blogs as there are blogs. Some people keep them as a journal to let distant friends and relatives know what’s happening in their lives. Others write about subjects that interest them, everything from gardening to NASCAR. Blogs often act as forums for people’s opinions or news reporting. These types of blogs invite controversy; in extreme cases, they may invite lawsuits if a person or organization takes offense at a particular post….more »

Laptop Lockdown: Safeguard Your Company’s Laptops
According to the FBI, there were 221,009 laptops reported stolen from 2008 through 2009. As an increasing number of business men and women are traveling with laptops in tow each year, this already high number is likely to keep rising.  Statistics show that the most popular targets for laptop thieves are office buildings, airports, hotel rooms and cars…more »

Construction Defects: Do You Have Coverage for Bad Work?
A young couple with a growing family decided to sell their current home and build a new one. They contracted with a builder, and four months later moved into a beautiful new house. They were very happy for a while. Over time, they noticed pools of water in the basement, though the pipes overhead were dry. The basement walls began to show spots of dampness, followed by mildew growth and the accompanying odor…more »

DID YOU KNOW? More than 8% of eighth graders, 16% of sophomores, and 24% of seniors report recent binge drinking.

Read more about the dangers of teen drinking here or Contact us today to discuss your liability insurance options. 

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