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Rasmussen Reports Survey Shows Voters Still Favor Individual Health Insurance Choices

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When it comes to President Obamam's new law regarding health care, voters still remain divided over their support and opposition toward it. However, they still lean very heavily toward the idea of individual choice for coverage options. According to a report published by, a telephone survey they conducted showed that more than 45 percent of American voters look favorably upon the health care law. However, nearly 50 percent were not in favor. From these statistics, about 20 percent of those who favored the law were very enthusiastic. Of the 50 percent who did not favor it, 35 percent were strongly opposed. In addition to remaining divided over favoring the law, voters are divided over insurance requirements mandated by the government.

The survey by showed that more than 35 percent of voters thought the government should implement requirements for health insurers and their plans to provide uniform coverage. About 35 percent of voters disagreed with this idea, and the remaining voters were unsure. When it comes to the right to choose between various policies and coverage details, nearly 75 percent of voters favored the idea of individual choice. Their approval over the idea includes both plans that cost less and cover less and plans that cost more and cover nearly everything. Only 10 percent of voters opposed this idea, and the remaining amount of voters were unsure.

When it comes to choosing plans with higher deductibles and smaller premiums or plans with smaller deductibles and higher premiums, more than 80 percent of voters were in favor of consumers having the right to choose. Slightly more than five percent of voters opposed the idea, and more than 10 percent of respondents were unsure. One new change that many voters favor is allowing individuals and insurers to purchase health plans across state lines. Nearly 70 percent agree with this idea, and slightly more than 15 percent disagree.

In comparison with the prior month's survey from, voters' opinions were similar. However, prior to the health care law passing, the majority of voters strongly opposed it. After the law passed, most voters continually replied in favor of repealing it. Since that time, opinions remain mixed. Statistics show that Democrats strongly favor the law and Republicans do not. In addition to this, voters not affiliated with either party also tend to look at the law unfavorably. While voters still rate their current health care options highly, survey results show that they worry the new law will make the future of health care worse in the United States. Nearly 55 percent of voters think that health care costs will rise after the new law takes full effect. Everyone still has many questions about their health coverage and the future of it. For answers to any questions, discuss concerns with an agent.

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